Data of more than 12,000 SBI workers were exposed on Telegram channels.

Data of more than 12,000 SBI workers were exposed on Telegram channels.

More than 12,000 SBI workers and account holders have had their data exposed, and this suggests that India’s largest public sector bank may have missed or ignored some warning signs.

Over 12,000 private records were recently exposed in an unusual breach through Telegram groups that were allegedly used by SBI account holders and personnel of one of India’s most prestigious banks. The vulnerability of the security architecture for the financial network in the country with the largest population has been exposed by this worrying occurrence.

Malignants now have access to sensitive personal data with only a click, including screenshots of the SBI passbook, Aadhar Card, and voter card. However, the constant coverage of such data breaches has created a new normal and given customers a sense of fatalism and complacency. The reporting of such incidents enables the preservation of records and serves as a wake-up call for illogical situations.

Last Friday, a strange account with a small following of 608 followers and a message exhibiting the cryptic rallying cry “Spread Chaos Comrades!” appeared in the shadows of Telegram. a file containing the account numbers, photo IDs, work IDs, IPs, phone numbers, addresses, names, and a plethora of other personal information of SBI employees was released. The State Bank of India employee data of 12,000 people was allegedly exposed in the incident.

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