Hyderabad Landlord is Detained After Installing a Camera in the Female Tenants' Bathroom.

Hyderabad Landlord is Detained After Installing a Camera in the Female Tenants’ Bathroom

On Tuesday, July 11, a homeowner was detained for reportedly placing a covert camera in the bedroom of two female renters in the Jubilee Hills neighborhood.

In the Jubilee Hills neighborhood of Hyderabad, a homeowner was detained on Tuesday (July 11) for reportedly placing a concealed camera in the room of two female renters. After the two filed a complaint against him, the accused was brought to prison by the police.

Syed Salim, the landlord, had a camera installed in their room. The five-story home in Hailam Colony near Jubilee Hills is owned by the 45-year-old landlord, who also resides on the first level. The remaining apartments had been rented out.

Hidden cameras found

The two women moved into the flat a few months ago. In order to verify the electricity meter box inside their room, the tenants summoned an electrician after experiencing issues as a result of frequent power outages. A CCTV camera was discovered within the meter box when it was unlocked.

The CCTV camera was purportedly placed by the landlord inside the women’s room to film them changing into new clothes. Additionally, a computer was discovered to be attached to the CCTV camera in Syed’s home. The woman reported the camera to Jubilee Hills Police after discovering it.

According to police, a case has been opened and the accused has been brought into prison under the relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). The hard disc and covert camera have been taken into custody and submitted to the Forensic Science Laboratory for additional investigation.

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