Bigg Boss 15, 11 November 2021, Written Update: Afsana Khan gets eliminated

Bigg Boss 15, 11 November 2021, Written Update: Afsana Khan gets eliminated

In the present scene, Umar Riaz will enter the VIP Zone, and he will be permitted to carry just three competitors with him. Bigg Boss reports that the people who wish to go to the show’s decision should initially turn into a VIP Member of the house. Chief Umar Riaz, then again, is accountable for the VIP Member’s choice. Beforehand Nishant, Karan, Tejasswi and Shamita had been chosen for a first class club. After the VIP conversation, Umar can be seen communicating his disarray to Karan Kundra as he settles on this troublesome choice. Umar lets him know that subsequent to choosing hopefuls for the VIP zone everybody will consider terrible him. Karan advises him to quiet down in light of the fact that it’s simply a game. Umar was caught saying he needed to welcome her companion, Afsana Khan, into the VIP Zone, yet he is as yet puzzled. Karan then, at that point, proposed to Umar that he ought to request that Nishant come, yet Umar gets strained.

Then, at that point, Bigg Boss reports an undertaking for everybody to demonstrate their value for the VIP access task. From Shamita to Neha everybody needs to play out their best to get the VIP pass. Afterward, Karan and Tejasswi shared some charming minutes. Tejasswi was seen becoming flushed as Karan got her hand.

Afsana became irritated in light of the fact that she didn’t comprehend the circumstance of the VIP zone. Umar, then again, felt remorseful as he was unable to take Afsana in the zone. Chief Umar Riaz, Karan, Tejasswi, and Nishant Bhat are the VIP Zone individuals. After this, Bigg Boss reports the awful news that they will expel Afsana Khan from the house refering to wellbeing reasons.

Afsana Khan had a fit of anxiety, however others guaranteed she got into an actual fight with Shamita Shetty. She advised Shamita and Karan to move away from her or, in all likelihood she will hurt them. This was the essential justification behind her flight. Everybody was feeling miserable when Afsana got killed.

We have seen this scene on the channel’s OTT stage.

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