Gandhi Jayanti 2021: 3 Qualities of Mahatma Gandhi that we all must learn

Gandhi Jayanti 2021: 3 Qualities of Mahatma Gandhi that we all must learn

He trolled me on social media, and let me take revenge on him. This is how most of us think today. The day and age of social media has given birth and domination to certain human emotions that were once suppressed within us. We believe in proving ourselves right every time, we are not open to feedback, and our social media handles have held captives our lives in them, just like the famous narrative of the magician and his parrot.

Today, on Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday we list 3 qualities of the man that are about to get lost in the luxurious lifestyles of the 21st century, and why we should take the responsibility of adopting them to make this world a better place, if not the best.


Competition has taken the driver’s seat today. Fair or unfair means doesn’t matter, if you have the power and money, you are the decision-maker. Righteousness is almost lost. With that being said, there are the unsung heroes whose stories we get to hear every once in a while, but a majority of people have almost forgotten what it feels to take a stand for the truth, let alone speak it. It is imperative for us to go back in history, and read about Satyagraha, to earn back our belief on how the toughest of the battles can be won by being truthful and righteous.


Be it a case of road rage, a personal enmity, or an act of pure jealousy, violence has been our sword. Why? Because we think it is a way to show our power, strength, and superiority. But is it? Think of Gandhiji, who took a stick in his hands just to prove that everybody needs a support system, and it was a symbol of him being so down-to-earth. If he had used his stick to spread the message of violence, would we be here today the way we are? The answer is no. It was the message of non-violence that had spread like fire and earned the country our well-deserved freedom.


Sorry has been restricted to a mere word today. Forgiveness has left us long back. If somebody has done something bad to us, we take that on our egos and continue to blame that person for years to come. But have we tried forgiving a person? Do we know how it feels, if done wholeheartedly? Forgiveness is the most powerful and strongest weapon of humankind. So, just for once, let us try to forgive a person, and see how it comes back to us, sooner than later.

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