Designer duo Hetvi Gindra, Tanisha Chhajer speaks on styling Vidhi Pandya in the Bigg Boss house

Designer duo Hetvi Gindra, Tanisha Chhajer speaks on styling Vidhi Pandya in the Bigg Boss house

The fashioner pair appreciates beauticians Tanvi Ghavri and Shaleena Nathani.

Fashioner pair Hetvi Gindra and Tanisha Chhajer are known for their styling work in Bigg Boss. The pair cooperates and runs a firm named Stylebytaashvi. They have worked with Paras Chhabra in Bigg Boss 13 and from that point forward there is no thinking back. In their profession they have worked with VIPs like Neha Kakkar, Shefali Jariwala, Akanksha Puri, Dipika Kakkar, Shoaib Ibrahim, Nikki Tamboli, Shakti Arora and Rohan Mehra. In Bigg Boss 15 the pair have intended for entertainer Vidhi Pandya.

Discussing her excursion Hetvi says, “We began our professions as an assistant when we were 18. After at some point while concentrating on we began our own firm and the principal project we did together was Bigg Boss 13. We styled Paras Chhabra in that season and got extraordinary input. It’s been 2 years we have been working in this industry as Stylebytaashvi. We have been doing individual styling, Reality Shows, Tv Shows, Ads, and so forth”

Talking about Vidhi she says,”Vidhi is a known entertainer from Udaan. We met before she went into Bigg Boss house. We have enjoyed how she has played and gave her 100% in assignments. She stood firm for whatever was correct and raised a voice when something was off-base. So Vidhi Personally doesn’t prefer to get dressed a lot, she enjoys straightforward, unpretentious and rich styling. So we remembered that and in like manner sent garments for her. I feel anything she wears she conveys it so well that it gets total by her certainty and needn’t bother with any embellishments.”

How significant is the styling part in the Bigg Boss house? “Obviously it assumes a significant part in this unscripted TV drama as everything here is genuine. This will show your genuine character and how you really spruce up.” So who is your motivation in this industry? “Our motivation is inside yourself how we improve every day in our work. Yet, we truly respect Tanvi Ghavri and Shaleena Nathani.”

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