Bigg Boss 15, 22nd October 2021, Written Update: Will Jay Bhanushali get his ‘ticket to the house’?

Bigg Boss 15, 22nd October 2021, Written Update: Will Jay Bhanushali get his ‘ticket to the house’?

In the present scene of Bigg Boss 15, the bell starts and everybody races to get the materials. Pratik takes a stab at making the BB focuses yet Jay blocks him once more. While contending with Umar, Simba tosses the brush and Jay tells since the property is harmed, they’re completely excluded. Jay says he needs to perceive what Nishant will do now since the machine is broken. Ieshaan asks Nishant for what good reason he’s giving them a possibility now after Simba broke the machine and Nishant lets him know that it’s not his shortcoming. Jay asks Nishant for what reason he needs his group to win since Pratik didn’t come to any meaningful conclusion and Nishant lets him know he saw Pratik make them.

The gong rings and Nishant lets him know he has settled on his choice that Afsana-Umar are the champs as they took from Akasa-Simba and came to their meaningful conclusions, and the standard book permitted taking. Bigg Boss tells that Afsana-Umar can go inside the house now. Bigg Boss tells the junglevaasi that they’ve lost every one of the opportunities to go into the house and an acceptance oven is given to them. Pratik tells Jay he doesn’t esteem the possibilities given and Jay lets him know that he will do whatever he feels is correct. Nishant begins crying and Tejasswi consoles him.

Vishwasundari lets Jay know that there are just two choices for the junglevaasi now and that is they can utilize the leftover 25 lakhs from the prize cash or leave the show. The housemates will not be a piece of this choice. Shamita tells now the prize cash is 0 since Jay put everything in question. Vishal advises Umar how Jay is prepared to surrender 25 lakhs now when he wasn’t prepared to lose 5 lakhs? Simba lets Vishwasundari know that they’ve commonly chosen to utilize the excess sum and she permits them into the house.

This scene has been watched on the channel’s OTT stage.

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