Bigg Boss 15, 2 November 2021, Written Update: Miesha fights with Ieshaan

Bigg Boss 15, 2 November 2021, Written Update: Miesha fights with Ieshaan

In the present scene, Kamya lets Rajiv know that he ought not discuss his private matters and existence with others and furthermore give himself consideration. Rajiv said that he realizes that Ieshaan won’t ever successfully hurt him. Ieshaan comes there and yells at them as he believes that Kamya and Rajiv were doing back talk about Miesha. Rajiv advises Ieshaan to quiet down any other way he will talk something that he would not like to. Umar comes there and requests that they quit battling. Kamya calls Shamita and asks her for what reason is she generally so cognizant before the camera.

Ieshaan goes to Karan and tells her that he got injured when everybody was kidding about Miesha, epecially by Kamya. Karan lets Ieshaan know that he ought not stress over Kamya on the grounds that she isn’t simply terrible. In the interim, Tej saw Rajiv sitting alone and inquires as to whether all is great. Rajiv tells her that his companionship is finished. At the point when Tej saw Miesha and Ieshaan sitting alone she advised them to eat something. Yet, Miesha began crying and tells her that she is burnt out on dealing with everybody. Ieshaan advises her to proceed to make nourishment for him too. Yet, Miesha insults him saying that at whatever point she wanted him he was not there now how might he request that she make nourishment for him. Rajiv goes to Simba and lets him know that he imagines that Tej is getting in the battle by asking everybody what occurred.

At the point when Jay becomes acquainted with about Ieshaan’s remark on Miesha he goes to him and yells at him that he can not discuss a young lady like this. Miesha gets stunned and inquires as to whether he truly said that. She then, at that point, takes a gander at Ieshaan and asks him for what good reason he did that and if he imagines that she is that sort of young lady.

We have seen this scene on the channel’s OTT stage.

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