Bigg Boss 15, 15 November 2021, Written Update: Shamita Shetty leaves the house due to health reasons

Bigg Boss 15, 15 November 2021, Written Update: Shamita Shetty leaves the house due to health reasons

In the present scene, Bigg Boss calls everybody in the corridor and lets them know that he needs to converse with them about some sad news. Then, at that point, Bigg Boss let Shamita Shetty know that because of clinical reasons Raqesh Bapat can not return to the show. Shamita gets sorrowful and begins crying saying that she was feeling adored once more. Also, presently she is isolated once more, everybody quieted her down. Already Raqesh returned home because of his medical problems. After that Shamita Shetty because of her affliction. Everybody was enthusiastic because of Shamita’s take off from the Bigg Boss’ home. Then, at that point, everybody moved into the kitchen corridor to eat. Bigg Boss made a declaration that from now onwards VIP challengers will let everybody know that what should they do inside the house.

Subsequent to arriving at the kitchen Neha and Tejasswi get into a battle because of the kitchen things. After this declaration indeed turned into the justification for their significant battle in the Bigg Boss house. Tejasswi says whatever we folks are saying all of you need to do that however Pratik isn’t in the blessing of this and says what your identity is. Pratik asks Tejasswi for what valid reason she is saying that we are VIPs. Pratik as well as the remainder of the housemates blow up with Tejasswi’s bizarre and peculiar language. Jay asks Karan that the tone Tejasswi is utilizing is driving me crazy and I dont like the manner in which she said VIP. Karan lets him know that Tejasswi is in mentality right currently subsequent to getting a VIP pass. In any case, he requests that Jay give her some an ideal opportunity to quiet down.

Then, at that point, Pratik lets Karan know that we won’t wash your clothing and other garments and even Neha says we won’t wash assuming you need to rebuff you can. Karan says we have numerous ways of finishing things. Neha says Karan and Tejasswi are you going to make us slaves and Jay says we won’t wash their plates. Everybody was battling because of this VIP task. Karan requests that Jay quiet down in light of the fact that Pratik and Neha won’t pay attention to him.

We have seen this scene on the channel’s OTT stage.

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