Tips to throw a memorable bachelor party for the groom to be

Tips to throw a memorable bachelor party for the groom to be

When planning a bachelor bash for your friend, you probably want to pack the night with unforgettable experiences. After all, it’s a rite of passage as your man bids goodbye to his bachelor days and steps into holy matrimony. Right from titivating adventure to booze and gaming, we have the perfect checklist for your bash. As heading to noisy pubs is overrated, we bring you some exciting ways to plan a party that will be a huge hit with your friends.
This is one activity that doesn’t take much preparation. Simply invite your friends over for poker night and order in some tasty food like monster burgers and fries or grill some meat on the barbeque. You can bet low stakes on the games and cool your heels with some great liquor. Choose a nice playlist of the groom’s favorite songs for the evening and enjoy!

Host an epic game night

A great way to bond with your mates while still having the time of your life is to plan an epic game night. Line up your Xbox or PlayStation and gear up for a thrilling night of gaming where you can play in multi-player mode. All you need is a large TV, your favorite games and some great snacks. The best part is you can play uninterrupted for hours together without being disturbed.

Plan adventure sports for the men

One of the best ways to seek thrills during a bachelor bash is to go skydiving with your best mates. However, this isn’t the only activity that you can plan. If skydiving isn’t an option, you can choose to go paragliding, sailing, surfing or even skiing for the ultimate adventure with your friends. We highly recommend making a quick weekend getaway to places where you can enjoy any of these adventure sports.
This is a great way to make some memories that you will cherish for life and it beats going to the local club or hanging out at home playing cards while chugging beer.

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