Shabana Azmi Says Javed Akhtar's

Shabana Azmi Says Javed Akhtar’s First Wife Felt ‘Rejected, Bitter’ When He Remarried: ‘We Decided…’

Shabana Azmi recently opened up about her marriage with Javed Akhtar when she revealed that his first wife, Honey Irani, was feeling ‘bitter’ when Javed and Shabana got together. In a recent interview, Shabana spoke about embracing her step-children, Farhan Akhtar and Zoya Akhtar, when she spoke about Honey’s initial reaction to their relationship. Shabana also recalled her reaction when she found out that Javed was still in touch with his first wife.

“Isme hum teeno ko credit jaata hai. Humne ye tay kiya ki isme kadwahat nahi honi chahiye (I give credit to all three of us – Javed, Honey and Shabana). Of course initially Honey felt rejected and bitter but Javed kept at it. And today what has come from it is something I am really proud of. Magar log jo hai na jab iss tarah ka separation hota hai toh duniyabhar ki baatein karte hai aur aap yeh chahte hai ki apne aap ko save karein. (When such a separation happens, the society talks a lot about it and you try to protect yourself from such noises),” Shabana Azmi told Arbaaz Khan on his show, The Invincibles.

“Lekin uss waqt maine tay kiya ki mai kuch nahi bolungi aur fir yeh apne aap khatam hojayega. Yeh decision nahi aata agar javed ne mujhe support nahi kiya hota toh. (But at that time I had decided to not speak about it and eventually it all stopped. I could take such a step as Javed supported me). Then after that because these kids were very young then they started growing and becoming friends with me. And today I think they feel more comfortable with me than their father. Especially when they are exasperated with him, they come and talk to me,” Shabana added.

The Arth actress added that Honey never restricted her children from bonding with Shabana. “I feel very happy because I have a very beautiful relationship with them and I give credit to Honey. They were young kids at that time and it was the easiest thing for Honey to take them away. She never did that and encouraged them to come with us. Aur maine kya kiya ki maine shuru mein unko overwhelm karne ki koshish nahi ki. Realize hua tha ki isme waqt lagega and that I must give them that time. (What I did was initially I didn’t overwhelm them. I realized things will take time and gave them that space),” Shabana said, speaking about Farhan and Zoya.

“But I really doff my hat to Honey because that generosity came from her. And today even with Honey we have a really good relationship and I know that Honey has this confidence that if she were to need Javed or his advice even in the middle of the night, she can call him and he will come,” she added.

Shabana Azmi married Javed Akhtar in December 1984. Meanwhile, Javed married Honey in 1972. They reportedly parted ways in the same year he married Shabana.

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