Several additional never-before-seen images of the newlyweds @imkarandeol and Drishya Acharya😍❤️.

In a recent tweet, Karan Deol published previously unreleased images of the Deol family. Dharmendra, Sunny, Pooja, Bobby, and Abhay Deol are among them.
The actor Karan Deol has posted new images of his family taken on his wedding day. On Tuesday night, Karan shared a number of pictures on Instagram, some of which included his wife Drisha Acharya. The new photos also featured Dharmendra, Sunny Deol, Pooja Deol, his first wife Prakash Kaur, and Drisha in addition to Karan and Drisha.

Dharmendra and his first wife

As they sat for the phrase in the first picture, Karan and Drisha grinned. Dharmendra and Prakash, who were standing behind them, placed their hands on the couple’s shoulders and grinned. In the following picture, Karan’s parents, father Sunny Deol, and mother Pooja Deol, posed for the camera alongside the pair. The subsequent photos showed the members of the extended family posing beside Karan and Drisha. Abhay Deol attended the celebrations as well. In the final image, Sunny and Karan were standing side by side, looking away from the camera.

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