Junaid Khan Responds To Aamir Khan’s Comment About Him Refusing To Travel By Car

Superstar Aamir Khan’s son, Junaid Khan, is in the limelight after his recent Netflix release, Maharaj, garnered great reviews from the audience. Junaid Khan made his acting debut with the film. The actor is known for his simple lifestyle and is often seen ditching the luxurious life. He is often seen travelling by public transport and doesn’t want to buy a car. Recently, Aamir Khan also revealed in an interview that he wants to buy a car for his son Junaid so that he can travel anywhere comfortably, but Junaid refuses every time. Now, Junaid has given a response to his father’s statement and has won the hearts of the internet.

During a recent interaction with a media channel, Junaid Khan was asked what he had to say about his father’s comment about him refusing to buy a car. In response to this, Junaid Khan said, I think Papa makes a big deal out of small things. I just travel in the most efficient way possible. I often take rickshaws in Mumbai because it is easier to get around and I do not worry about parking. I am trying to find my voice. My family is very supportive. There is no real pressure from them. So yeah, I am doing my own thing and building my relationship with people in the industry.” He also said that he wants to live a simple life and his main focus is to do good work and connect with the audience. He continued, saying that he hopes to grow his relationship with the audience.

Earlier, Aamir Khan revealed that his son has been a very bright student since his childhood. He added that he likes to stay isolated. He rarely talks to people and he is a very clean-hearted person. He is 30 years old now and since childhood, I wanted to buy a car for him, but to date, he has not let me buy a car. He still uses public transport to travel to different places.

Talking about Junaid Khan’s upcoming projects, he is all set to star in an upcoming romantic film alongside Sai Pallavi. Recently, the duo was also seen shooting for the film in Japan.

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