Janhvi Kapoor pens a heartfelt note to thank fans, says 'Your love has been Bawaal'

Janhvi Kapoor pens a heartfelt note to thank fans, says ‘Your love has been Bawaal’

Recently, actor Janhvi Kapoor’s film Bawaal, which stars Varun Dhawan, was released. Since the film’s premiere, Janhvi has received a ton of love and praise for her portrayal from both critics and fans. Janhvi wrote a lovely email to her followers thanking them for their support after realizing how much love was flowing her way. Along with the thank-you card, Kapoor posted several images from the film that also featured Varun Dhawan.

“Your love has been #Bawaal ❤️‍🔥 Nisha ko apnane ke liye, Ajju ko sudharne ke liye, humari kahaani aur kaam ko itna pyaar dene ke liye- thank you ❤️ in this race to create a perception, to compete for things and for some sort of validation- some of us are lost. And sometimes what we feel are the biggest problems, are really only our minds not allowing us to value what we have. In light of the inhuman hardships that were faced by so many through a period of history, maybe we can learn that life is fleeting; that our problems are trivial, what matters is not what you have but what you are, that sometimes we forget to value the simplest of things till we loose it, only to realise that was our one shot at true happiness. That is the heart of our #bawaal ❤️ to see so many of you having these feelings after watching our film, makes everything worth it ☺️”

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