'Flight' Review: Debutante Mohit Chadda stands out in this one-time watch thriller!

‘Flight’ Review

The year 2021 is a year of hope for the filmmakers as they got the chance of finally releasing their films in theatres which were put on hold for a year now. Though some big Bollywood stars are now delaying the releases owing due to the second wave of COVID, Flight, an action-drama film has arrived on the big screen today! Flight, directed by Suraj Joshi and starring newcomer Mohit Chadda, is an intriguing tale with twists and turns that will blow your mind. Is it, though, worthy of drawing crowds to the theatres? That’s an important question and to find the answer, read the full review.

Ranveer Malhotra is a man who lives his life as though it were a mainstream Bollywood movie, and he treats it as well. His passion for movies and Bollywood makes him extremely vulnerable to life situations that might be right out of a full-fledged Hindi film, and he doesn’t forget to deal with them using memorable popular dialogues from classic films. He is the owner of Aditya Raj Aviation that supplies equipment to leading airlines but he is also a Bollywood lover who randomly drops mimicry acts when the situation does not even demand it.

The film then shows Ranveer’s struggle to retrieve a black box from a crashing aircraft belonging to his organisation. The accident killed all of the passengers on board, and Ranveer agrees to look into the matter. The black box, which functions as a flight recorder, is now critical to his investigation. The other owners are fully opposed to the inquiry and continue to back Ranveer. But how is a refusal to be noble going to deter Ranveer? He travels alone, flying to Dubai for a meeting that could aid his investigation. But hold on a second. His plane is taken over.

The viewers are introduced to a never-before-seen plot in which the dynamics shift and you are thrown a fresh twist only as you think you know what’s going to happen next. You believe in Ranveer’s determination and his attempts to revive the tainted firm, even if the circumstances seem a little impossible. However, no fight is ever too easy, particularly when you have to against your own self.

Mohit Chadha as Mr Malhotra gives a reasonably alright performance, but also there’s a lot of Shah Rukh Khan influence that you won’t be able to miss or ignore. There are occasions in the film when you wish to see more of Zakir Hussain, Pavan Raj Malhotra, and Shibani Bedi. With a stodgy script in hand, veteran actors Zakir Hussain as Khanna uncle and Pawan Malhotra as Balraj do their best to add shades of grey and suspense to the film, but the otherwise impressive actors struggle to make this one a delightful watch.

Speaking of the script, it could have been better as it is quite slaggy, make you lose your interest in some places. The background score of every action thriller is vital to storyline progression, but Smriti Minocha’s music is much too loud and dramatic to fit in with an already mediocre script. ‘Flight’ could be a good weekend watch, particularly in these days where movie theatres are struggling to stay afloat and more filmmakers are cancelling their theatrical releases. So, you can opt for this one when you have nothing else to binge on! 

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