Fatima Sana Shaikh speaking about OTT platforms says, “We now have a new medium to connect with audiences”

Fatima Sana Shaikh Speaking About OTT Platforms Says, “We Now Have a New Medium To Connect With Audiences”

Fatima Sana Shaikh has been a popular child actor and also made a mark with the 2016 release, Dangal. The actress admits that she does not shy away from approaching filmmakers she wishes to work with, the actress also has no reservations on reaching out to people on texts and calls at times.In an interview with a leading publication, the actress shares, “I do that to remind people that I exist. I don’t do a lot of films, so I am not always there. Kabhi log casting mein bhool jaate hai ki yeh bhi actor hai. It is very important to hustle. Until and unless you don’t fight for your space and your positioning, no one else will. If I have to call and remind someone that I am there and I don’t mind auditioning, it’s okay. It’s not a bad quality to have.”“I know of many actors who have achieved a lot in their lives by doing so. I like to create opportunities for myself and just not sit at home and wonder mere paas kaam kyun nahin hai. Aapko mehnat karni padegi aur kaam mangna padega,” she further added.Being on a success spree lately, the actress also feels good about the fact that she has been able to entertain people in the last six months with Ludo, Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari and the anthology Ajeeb Daastaans. She shares,” I am glad that people are getting to see my work. Eventually, you work to entertain people. Pandemic hai, things are shut, and I can’t be more grateful that people are able to see my work that I shot before the pandemic. I feel great that we have OTT platforms that are airing films, which are not able to release in theatres. We now have a new medium to connect with audiences.”Her latest release, Ajeeb Daastaans was received well by the audiences and her performance has been praised by critics alike, “Many people from the industry appreciate your work as it gives you validation and hope. But, also the audiences’ response matters, who are the king and if they don’t like your work, it is game over”, Fatima shared.Before the lockdown, early 2021 Fatima was shooting for an upcoming project with Anil Kapoor, about whom she says, “He is the life of the set and an incredible person. Always excited and passionate.” Fatima revealed that she admires Anil Kapoor. She also added, “When I sign films, it is more about instinct. My driving force is not always a big project or that this film has this big actor, and that’s why I should do it. What drives me is a good script and good director.”Fatima Sana Shaikh has a film with Anil Kapoor and a performance centric remake of Tamil film, Aruvi on cards next.

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