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Bigg Boss OTT 3 EXCLUSIVE: Vishal Pandey’s sister Neha says Armaan Malik SLAPPING him HAUNTS her

In an exclusive chat with Pinkvilla, Bigg Boss OTT 3 contestant Vishal Pandey’s sister Neha spoke about the controversy surrounding him in the show, her thoughts on Armaan Malik, and more.

Bigg Boss OTT 3 has been in the news lately for the major controversy between social media influencer Vishal Pandey and YouTuber Armaan Malik. In the recent episodes, enraged with Vishal’s comment on his wife, Armaan lost his cool and slapped Pandey.

However, he wasn’t evicted from the house for violence. He has been nominated for the entire season. Pinkvilla got in touch with Vishal Pandey’s sister Neha Pandey who spoke at length about the controversy.

Neha Pandey calls Bigg Boss OTT 3’s Armaan Malik’s slap to Vishal Pandey a ‘calculated move’

In an exclusive video interview, Vishal Pandey’s sister Neha Pandey claimed that Armaan Malik’s reaction wasn’t genuine and it was quite a calculated move. She mentioned that if Malik was so enraged, he would have given the same reaction upon learning about the statement. Pandey stated that her brother didn’t have any bad intentions towards Kritika Malik.

When asked if she feels Vishal has been targeted, Neha stated that her brother has been cornered since day 1. She emphasized how Armaan has been targeting Pandey over the latter’s kitchen duties and his claims about half-cooked chapatis. 

Neha Pandey added, “Aisa lagta hai Vishal hi unki wife hai. Itna uske baare mey baat karte hai. I mean aur bhi log hai, unko bhi dekho, unke baare mey bhi baat karo. (I feel as if Vishal is Armaan’s wife. That’s how much he discusses Vishal. There are other people too, please talk about them).”

Talking about her and her parents’ state of mind, Neha Pandey stated that they’re all quite upset and that her father regrets sending Vishal into the show. She also stated that the slap incident has been haunting them and they’re not able to get it out of their minds.

She said, “Woh scene mai yaad bhi nahi karna chahti. Jab hum sote hai na tab uske flashbacks aate hai. Woh mai bhulne ki koshish karti hu( I don’t even want to recall that scene. It’s like those flashbacks are haunting me. I want to forget it).”

Neha Pandey on parent’s reaction to Armaan Malik slapping Vishal Pandey

Neha Pandey said, “As we all know social media is quite fast-paced, we had an idea about this incident and were prepared for the same. However, I asked my parents to not watch the incident and skip that five-minute part because I couldn’t see it happening. But my parents wanted to see how things unfold and thus they watched it. We were all very hurt.”

Neha Pandey on Armaan Malik’s nomination for the entire season unjustified

When asked about Armaan Malik’s nomination for the entire season being justified or not, Pandey said, “No. Absolutely not! If they wanted to retain Armaan, it would have been fair if Vishal also got the right to slap him. Then it would make sense. Vishal should have gotten the choice to retain Armaan by slapping him or evicting him from the show.”

She added, “My concern is Armaan Malik raising his hand on my brother. He said a lot of things to him. He went on his upbringing and called him gandi naali ka keeda. All that is still ok. But slapping someone is not.”

Neha Pandey also mentioned that if the makers felt that both Vishal and Armaan were wrong, they could have evicted Armaan for raising his and could have nominated Vishal for the entire season for passing that comment.”

Armaan Malik and Vishal Pandey controversy

In the previous Weekend Ka Vaar, Payal Malik, Armaan’s wife appeared on the stage and exposed Vishal’s sly comment on Kritika. Vishal had said that he likes Kritika Bhabhi and is guilty about the same. Payal condemned his statement while Kritika and Armaan too were furious with Vishal, eventually resulting in Armaan’s slap to Vishal.

Contestants supported Armaan Malik over Vishal Pandey

After the fiery slap incident, Bigg Boss called Deepak Chaurasia, Lovekesh Kataria, and Ranvir Shorey into the confession room and asked them to discuss if Malik needed to be thrown out of the house. The trio discussed the same and concluded that Vishal’s statement would have enraged anyone and thus Armaan’s actions were justified, while they condemned the same.

Vishal’s friend Lovekesh too agreed that the comment passed by him was lewd. Considering the trio’s decision and other contestants’ opinions, Bigg Boss didn’t eliminate Armaan from the house, rather he has been nominated for the entire season of Bigg Boss OTT 3.

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