Sonam Kapoor slams BJP MLA Sudhir Mungantiwar's remarks on LGBTQ community: Ignorant, illiterate & hurtful

Sonam Kapoor slams BJP MLA Sudhir Mungantiwar’s remarks on LGBTQ community: Ignorant, illiterate & hurtful

BJP MLA Sudhir Mungantiwar’s recent comments against the LGBTQ community has come under harsh criticism. Not just members of the community, but Sonam Kapoor also expressed her concern over Mungantiwar’s ignorant remarks that have landed him in trouble. Mungantiwar was speaking regarding the Maharashtra Public University Act, 2016 (Third Amendment) bill which sought to include LGBTQIA|+ community members on University Boards.

Opposing to the inclusion of LGBTQIA community and equal opportunity, Mungantiwar said, “Are you going to hire lesbians and gays as members? Shouldn’t a joint medical committee be set up on this? It mentions bisexual and asexual relations. However, no one has yet defined these.”

A misinformed Mungatiwar then went on to question asexual relationships. He said, “Asexual relationships. No one has defined it. So if a person has asexual relationships with an animal, will the animal come and certify that there was an asexual relationship? What is going on?”

Sonam Kapoor slammed Mungantiwar’s comments which made noise on social media and irked members of the community. Sharing a detailed post by Yes, We Exist India on the minister’s remarks, Sonam wrote, ” Ignorant, illiterate and hurtful.”
However, Higher and Technical Education Minister Uday Samant replied to Mungantiwar’s objections. He said, “There are several judgements by the Supreme court about equal opportunities. By only pointing at this issue, the member (Mungantiwar) is trying to mislead…There is nothing new that we are doing, there are similar laws made in other part of the country. We have brought the amendment bill only after discussing with experts.”

As per India Today, the BJP has been opposing amendments to the Bill and have called it the state government’s attempt to take control of Universities.

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