Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd August 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Arpita asking Sandhya why are we going in disguise. Sandhya says maybe if Mansi sees police and gets away, we can lose her, we have to be careful. Arpita says you are right, Mansi’s parents are calling, I did not tell them our plan yet. Sandhya says you did good, I feel we will get Mansi or any news about her tonight. Mansi is somewhere and recalls how the lady has beaten her up, asking her to get ready. Mansi wakes up and gets tensed. She looks around. Sandhya and Arpita get dressed as foreign girls and leave.

Mansi gets into disguise of a sardar boy and leaves. Neeta says if Makrand knows we are taking Sandhya’s help to find Mansi, he will not leave us alive. Amit asks how will Makrand know this, Sandhya won’t inform anyone, as we told Sandhya not to spread

news, Sandhya thinks we are helpless parents, seeing Sandhya’s record, I think she will find Mansi soon. Neeta says right, when Sandhya gets Mansi, she will give Mansi to us, poor Sandhya, I pity her, we are making her dance, she does not know she is pushing Mansi towards a trap. They both laugh.

Meenakshi takes Misri for waxing. Emily says Misri is young. Meenakshi says you will look beautiful. Misri gets scared and runs. Emily says leave her, she does not need all this. Meenakshi says I will get Misri, don’t tell Vikram. Emily thinks why is Meenakshi pressuring Misri for all this. The lady sees the girls and checks Misri’s pic. She says very soon, another girl will be here in our cage.

She asks the girl to wear slippers and walk. The girl says sorry, I have never worn such high heel sandals, I can’t. The lady hurts her. The girl cries. Meenakshi prays and asks Misri to sit. She says I got this waxing cream, it will not hurt. She applies cream. Misri says its itching, leave me. Meenakshi says your skin is sensitive, that’s why, you think of the people who will clap for your dance. Meenakshi explains her to think of Vikram’s hardword and now your trip is also hardwork. Meenakshi cleans the cream and sees Misri’s hands turning red.

Misri asks what happened and worries. Meenakshi asks what happened, your hands turned red and swollen. Misri says I don’t think Lord does not want me to go Dubai. Meenakshi asks Lord is there any wrong sign hidden. The lady beats the girls with hunter. Meenakshi says I will tell that lady that Misri can’t do all this. The girl wears high heels and tries to walk.

Meenakshi tells the lady that she decided of not sending Misri, she is very sensitive, you can’t take Misri abroad, I want Misri’s happiness. Lady says I understand your problem, its fine if Misri is not able to do this, I will design her good career design that hides all her weakness, she is like my daughter. Meenakshi thanks her and asks Misri not to cry as lady is really nice.

Meenakshi apologizes to Misri. Misri says you did this for my happiness. Meenakshi goes and heats some ghee. She wishes Misri gets fine and rushes. Bhabho sees her and thinks what did Meenakshi take in bowl, what is she doing. She goes to see. Bhabho shouts Meenakshi….. Meenakshi gets shocked seeing Bhabho. Misri hides her hands. Bhabho sees Misri’s red hands and worries.

She asks Misri why did her hand turn red, why did Meenakshi not tell me. Misri says its not mum’s mistake, I m fine. Bhabho says this haldi and ghee won’t work, go and call Om. Meenakshi leaves. Bhabho shouts calling Vikram.

Sandhya says finally, Mansi will be infront of us today. They reach Hans garage. Arpita says its time to do acting, are you ready. Sandhya says yes. They act like their car stopped and not working. The men say they are foreigners and stare at them. Sandhya and Arpita go to meet mechanic. Singh says I m lucky that two fairies came to my garage, don’t worry, your car will get fine. He asks his guys to check car. Sadnhya looks at Mansi, in disguise.

Sandhya tells Arpita that maybe Mansi was in disguise as she has to hide. Arpita calls mechanic Singh and gets details of young Sardar ji. Amit tells Neeta that Sandhya is finding Mansi, we have to reach at that address before her.

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