Kumkum Bhagya 1st May 2014 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 1st May 2014 Written Update

Pragya asks Suresh what he wants to say. Whole family asks him to speak. It seems Suresh breaking engagement is just his thoughts. Pragya asks to speak what he wants to say. He says Sarla that he will be with them always and not to worry. Madhavi asks him to bring Rachna’s kundali. He goes to bring it. Pragya hugs Sarla emotionally. Rachna says Suresh wanted to talk with her personally and wanted to spend time with her. Pragya says Suresh is not like that. Purbi says it is obvious for couple to kiss and love after engagement. Rachna says to check herself when Suresh takes her to the corner to speak. Suresh looks at Bulbul’s pic and thinks how to tell her that he loves her. He sees Pragya in the room and locks room’s door. Pragya gets nervous. He says he wants to tell her something. She says she knows what he wants to say. He asks what does she think about this relationship. Pragya says she knows he is nervous, but how can they do it before marriage. She says Rachna and Purbi told her what he wants, but they should wait till marriage. Suresh says she is not understanding what he wants to say and says he will go. She says he really wants to kiss her. She holds her and kisses his cheeks.

Rachna and Purbi asks what did she say Suresh. She says she has to wait till marriage. They say he is angry maybe because of it. Pragya says she kissed on his cheek. They say to go and kiss his other cheek.

Suresh sees street light flickering and ges angry on it. Arvind asks him to go and tell Pragya. He says he cannot tell her that he loves Bulbul and not her, she believes him as her best friend and his family loves him a lot. Arvind asks him to clear the misunderstanding. Suresh says if he says that to Pragya, Bulbul will start hating her. Arvind asks him to call Bulbul and inform. Arvind calls Bulbul from Suresh’s phone and asks him to speak. Bulbula aks him why did he call. He says he wants to tell about Pragya. Bulbul hears door opening sound and cuts the call saying her boss has come. Pragya goes to Suresh’s room and hears Suresh and Arvind’s conversation. She goes into his room and sees a diary on his table withh Bulbul’s pic in it.

Purab tries to enter the room, his shirt stucks in door knob and his button gets broken. He goes inside the room with bare chest. Bulbul sees him and is shocked to see him like that. He takes knife in her hand. Purab says his buttons broke..

Bulbul thinks his thinking is wrong. Purab says we have to prepare presentation, so we should rest for some time. He stumbles and falls on Bulbul. She says he is pervert and says she is not like other girls. She says it is his plan. Receptionist comes and gives Purab’s room’s keys and says he booked 2 rooms already. Purab says how can she think that he will lure her, she must be beautiful among her 4 neighbours, but cannot lure him. He says all the incidents happened and says she thinks he is most beautiful girl in world, but Purab Khanna does not like her. He angrily asks her to stay here and goes out.

Pragya reads Suresh’s diary and reads about Suresh’s feelings for Bulbul. She shockingly reads the whole diary written only about Bulbul. She remembers Suresh giving rose and ring to Bulbul instead of her and it was just her misunderstanding.

Suresh goes to Sarla’s home. Whole family are watching engagement pics. Rachna shows pics to Suresh and taunts him if he is looking at Pragya or Bulbul. She says he is getting shy hearing Pragya’s name. Sarla asks where is Pragya. Rachna jokes she is on terrace waiting for Suresh. Suresh goes to terrace and says Pragya that he wants to tell her something. Pragya says if he wants to say that he loves Bulbul and not her. Suresh is shocked to know that she knows what he wants to say. He asks how does she know. She informs him how she went to his room and found his diary. Suresh says he made a big mistake and he did not want to hurt her. Pragya says how can he make a mistake as he is her best friend. She was practical, but his love made her dream big and did not realize those dreams won’t fulfill. Why did he come between her and her mirror that she could not see that she is very ugly. Why did he took her to college everday and cared for her, why did he give her ring and rose and got her engaged in front of everyone. Suresh says she is perfect, but he is not perfect. Pragya asks then why does not he love her and cries hugging him.

Precap: Suresh says Bulbul that her eyes are so beautiful. Bulbul hugs him happily and says she loves him. Pragya watches them from behind sadly.

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